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05 ej25 in 08 outback

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so i got a 08 outback with fubared motor.


i put an engine from my 05 legacy wagon into it..


but as you may or may not know the 08 outback has the solonoid for the two intake cam profiles like vtec.


with out anything connected the car had 4000 rpm rev limiter and cel light on


so i did some digging ,, and i put relays in the place of the vtec solenoids. and the normally open? i think onto the sensor that checks for pressure. that the solenoid actually works .


so this on its on works .. mostly .. the cel may come on after a few trips.. and kind of goes away. but seems a resistor (across the coil ) may be needed to fully fool the computer that its working normally.


but after i still have the occasional code and flashing cel for cyl 3-4 misfire. but its not actually misfiring..


not sure whats causing this


but the car since has been envolved with a crash and is totaled.


so made this thread if anyone has to put a older engine in a newer car.

Now that's thinking out of the boxer!:lol:

fyi all 05 + legacy's have built in code reader

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