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5mt limits... Non turbo

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Hey there all been a long long time since I was in this forum. But I'm gonna have to study up for a new project.


So I'm planning to do a mid engine sand rail, with my 300+whp wtq ecotec lsj, super charged straight 4. It seems a subaru 5 speed is my best bet for a transaxle to handle that power. But I'm feeling very cheap after paying 1200 bucks for the adaptor plate. And building the harness and all that.


So what I'm wondering is what have you guys pushed through your transmissions? I know where a couple are i can get for cheap. Do the center diff lock and a block off plate for the back. And maybe even get a shifter and all that stuff too and Jerry rig up a shifter.


"Really wish they were cable shifted would make my shifter issues so much easier"


Thanks for any and all help. Jab83


Proud ex owner of a 98 leggy outback.

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You'll likely want to source an STi 6-speed for 300 WHP.


The NA versions might handle 225HP @ the FW. I ran one @ that spec w/out issue and as far as I know it's still driving around MT.


FWIW, you CAN run a cable clutch on the NA versions as the pivot ball point is there to swap from Hydraulic / hydro to Cable. When my 4EAT Auto died on my '90 Legacy project, I swapped in a 5-speed from a '98 Forester which was a hydraulic.

Just move this pivot ball to the other threaded hole.





Also, note that there are Push and Pull-type clutches for Subarus.

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