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Cold start not loud anymore?

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A few days ago I got stuck in the snow while having too much fun, car was floating on the snow at one point being held up by the undercarriage. Ever since I’ve noticed that my engine starts, especially cold starts are extremely quiet. Like this morning I went out to 0 degrees and it being outside all night and when I started it, I was not met with the usual scream from my h6, instead it sounded like I had just run the engine for hours turned it off then back on right away, maybe even a bit quieter than that even was a week ago. Not sure how this could be possible but I’m wondering if something happened by bottoming out on all the snow or something. I’m running nameless muffler deletes so I’m usually extremely loud and the starts are loud and pronounced, hearing it’s dull start up the last few days is making me worry.

Should I throw it up on a lift or am I crazy?

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Any difference in fuel consumption? If it's not changed then I wouldn't worry too much.



But check the exhaust system so it hasn't been squeezed tight somewhere.



Depending on conditions - ice build-up inside the exhaust is also a possibility if you only drive short distances.

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