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Chrome Delete - Vinyl vs Paint


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So I know pros and cons are posted all over teh interwebz between various methods of exterior trim/panel changes (I'm excluding Plasti-dip as an option). I'm patient enough of a person to apply the vinyl properly and to do the proper prep work for paint.


I'm looking for input from those who have done this on our legacys so I can make a decision between the two. The pieces in question would be all of the window trim, and the front grille.


If you've done the delete:

Did you take apart the doors and remove the chrome trim, or just mask off the areas and apply either the wrap or paint?

If you used vinyl on the trim, did you also do it for the grille? I could see the grille's contours being a bigger PITA over being able to spray.

I'm also interested in durability. How has your option held up over time? Paint would be a coats of gloss black and clear coat on top.


I don't like doing things the easy way, so I'm leaning towards taking the trim off completely... but if we're talking minimal gain in quality I'd be more at ease to just get it done quickly.

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