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Group N Mount swap

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Hello all,


Im seeking clarification regarding Group-N motor and 5mt mount fitment, for my 98 Legacy GT wagon. The motor mounts are listed on the site as an option but not the trans mounts.


Additionally every place I've checked so far gives me a negative or their not sure.


If anyone out there is running either, or both the mounts for similar application, please fill me in. Or if you can give me a certain yes or no go. I would greatly appreciate it.

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I have the group n motor, trans mounts, and pitch stop. I can tell you that the amount of mechanical feedback takes a little getting used to because there is so much more vibration that passes through them rather than getting dampened by them. That being said, there is very little motor movement when I get on the throttle. This is the one I picked up:



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The part # is the same as what I've searched and found, but not one business/computer has confirmed compatibility.


Thanks! I don't think mechanical feedback will bother me much (get that with my motorcycles).

I want to remove some of the vague and disconnected fill get with the wagon. But guess I'll find after installing. Thanks again.

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Thanks, more encouraging news sounds great. My order is in play and i'll be happy once it's installed.


I also need to know if the Group-N control arm bushings work as well. I've searched the site and haven't seen that either. So if anyone could give feedback about that it would be great.

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