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Trip gauge not resetting

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Ok, I tried everything...trip A is currently on the speedometer.

It won’t go to trip b and won’t reset either.

My wife is driving the car today, but I heard other members saying they removed the negative battery cable for a few minutes and reset the computer.

Did anyone have any experience with this problem?


If so how did you fix it?

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Could be that a reset will fix it, or it could just be that the switch itself isn't working, since both switching and resetting are on that same switch. I'm not going to suggest you beat the crap out of it, but if it wasn't used much (and assuming it's a membrane switch inside the gauge cluster and not a microswitch), you might be able to do a little press and wiggle action to clean off the contacts. I know the cruise control functions on my Baja (which are membrane switches) were a little flaky right when I bought it with 173k miles on the clock, likely due to lack of use, and with a little love, it's back to working order now.
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Make sure you are pressing the correct button on the left side of the cluster, assuming it's like the 2010 cluster that is. The right side button is for the information read out.


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buttons do the same for the 13+ cars regardless of cluster used.




Left is trip select on short press and reset on a long hold


Right is MPG info changer on short press and reset on a long hold.

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Could be that the switch on the board inside the cluster has been damaged - perhaps by the previous owner smashing it too hard or something... it's probably a surface mount device of some sort. I haven't seen anyone take a 2014 gauge cluster apart, but it shouldn't be too difficult - the question is how much access do you have to the switches without having to get into the business of pulling needles, etc. which would not be a good idea...
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