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bell sound engine gong

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I was running through fuel injection cleaner and climbing a slight hill whilst low on gas, putting maybe 1.2 load on my engine, when it made a gong sound similar to a sound from a bell tower exactly like in this

; the only difference from the video is that it is a flat six motor running inside a 2008 subaru legacy 3.0r and installed in the car while it was running, and it kept running without stall. I immediately smelled gear oil from the front differential, but there were no leaks at al; i imagine this is due to the trans connection being interrupted from its spin. Obviously octane concentration is lowered due to the high concentration of FIC, and the bottle clearly states to include a full tank of gas, so I obviously love to embarass myself. The engine seems to idle a bit rougher, and fuel economy seems lower as well but otherwise runs well.


But i am curious what parts would sound the gong like that and where the sound came from and why there was smell of gear oil. Anybody have any idea what might be damaged?


omg thanks

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