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The end of a Legacy

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Hey guys,

Well they say all good things must come to end. Last fall I had an incident at Sonoma Raceway at turn 10 with my Legacy GT. The car was totaled and fortunately I had track insurance. Time to move on but the heart of the car will live again in wpmarky's car. Over 14 years of owning this car and a lot of great memories and learning a lot about cars over the years. Right now I'm daily driving an Alfa Giulia but I am interested to see how the 2020 Legacy turns out, otherwise maybe a Quadrifoglio is in my future at some point.


The wheels and other parts will be up for sale soon so watch for posts from wpmarky and me.




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At least it went out with a bang. Its always hard to complain when you lose one to the track. It sucks, but... thats racing. I know you had a smile on your face moments before the accident and that is far more than most can say.


I am sorry for your loss. Time for another adventure.

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