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1999 Legacy 2.5GT PART OUT

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Hey everyone!


I'm in the process of taking a 2.5 engine out of a 1999 Legacy to put in my VW Bus. So I need the engine, ECU, and Harness. Everything else on the car is for sale. I'm not trying to get rich off this stuff, just figured if you have a car that some stuff would fit I could help you out. Any tiny little part of the car that's left can be sold. I have paypal, and can mail you parts.


The car is wrecked and I will add photos to this post.


It's a 5 speed, and I'm not keeping the transmission, and the transmission won't be able to be shipped, but my zipcode is 45345 right outside of Dayton OH, feel free to swing by and see if I have any parts you need.


Call/Text 9374781258 anytime.




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