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The official 2025 Subaru Legacy thread

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I'd start a 2035 Legacy thread, but it'll be dead by then.:lol:


Edit: For clarification, it'll be dead because the Impreza will be larger than the current Legacy, the Levorg will be a 12-passenger van, the revived R2 will be Legacy-sized, and the R1 will Impreza-sized.

Then they'll have to come out with an R0 to capture the subcompact range.

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You're going to need at least one per seat: 80 seats requires 80 cupholders.


Then when you figure many minivans are putting two cupholders in tandem with a slot between them, so they can hold tablets, you're talking about 160, just for holding tablets, then another 80 for actually holding cups for each person. That's already 240.


With only 225 some people are going to get shorted. :p

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