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Leather seat color code.

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After much googling and searching, figured this was the best place to go. I would like to try and do some color touch up on my poor, bedraggled passenger leather seat. I, unfortunately, have a conundrum. After the aforementioned googling and searching and reading many threads here, it would seem that '05 5EAT GT wagons did not have heated leather seats and a moon roof but the GT Limited did? After some more googling and searching, I did find this company with a few interior color codes.


Can anyone else help confirm which beige it is or, if possible, anyone else has tried any type of leather repair kit with any success? I do not have any rips or tears, just some light cracking on the passenger side simply because there is not an ass sitting in it as frequently as the driver side.

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Its my daily, so drive it in the morning, and then it gets parked for twelve hours until the commuter train brings me back.



If anyone has had any success with any type of leather repair, that would be beneficial to know as well.

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I have the same problem identifying my beige leather seat color. I originally put clear packing tape on a tear I had on my driver's seat. Then after a number of weeks siting on it, I googled how to actually repair the tear (which I did). Unfortunately after removing the tape to start my repair, it also removed the top skin of the leather. I was left with a repaired seat and needed to "paint" the seat (only where my butt sits). I saw your link for the Subaru upholstery colors, but none of the 5 or 6 colors stated that they were used in my 2009 Legacy? The closest was SU7168 Beige (I think?) Is there anywhere on the car where it has the actual color code for the seats? Could be Beige or Taupe?
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