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Stall when stopping

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Hi, back again!


Just had valves adjusted and car was running great for a few days. Then it started stalling on idle.


There is no rough idle, misfires or anything else, just seems to be trying to hit the idle too low and sometimes will stall out. If it doesn't stall it will come back up to good rpm and idle smoothly, it just seems to be hunting too far down on the return to idle.


OCVs are a month old and logging shows them fine. No roughness, fuel duty cycle looks good. Did a leak test and all good. Fuel injectors are new, spark plugs new. Power is even and fine. Runs fine in open loop.


I have no idea what this could be as everything looks fines except the return to idle. Maybe someone else has an idea.

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I just did a basic test by plugging the inlet and blowing in the booster line.


Oddly I just went out and took a drive and things seem to be getting better. Maybe my ECU just took 2 days to learn what to do. Hopefully its not back tomorrow.


I am guessing after the valves were adjusted last week and there was an oil change something got stuck in my banjo bolt as I was having some OCV issues. Cleared the banjos and the OCV problem went away Tuesday but thats when the stalling started (no ECU reset at that time) I reset the ECU yesterday morning and stalling continued through about a dozen drive cycles and 200 km. But now it seems to be getting better so maybe the ECU took that long to figure it out.


Crossed fingers.

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