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Swapping in OEM keyless entry/push button from donor car?

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New member here, hopefully I'm not doing this wrong. I have tried searching around for some answers about this but surprisingly I can't find anything...

So I have a 2006 gt-b BP 6 speed which does not have keyless entry or push button start. (Does have remote locking though). Someone close to home is parting out a wrecked (2006/2007 I'm pretty sure) gt BP 5 speed which does have it, and is still complete and reletively untouched.

My question is is it possible to remove all of the keyless entry related parts from the donor car, and install in my car? Which parts might I need to remove from the donor? Will I need the entire loom/steering collumn etc or should it be mostly plug and play?

I'm aware it may be a lot of work but I'm pretty keen to get it done so any insight would be appreciated.

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