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Engine swap into a 97 jdm legacy

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Hey guys, need some help here. My big end bearing went this past weekend in my car. I've got a 97 jdm legacy 5 speed with an ej20k in it. I was wondering if a north american 2.5l would bolt into my car no issue. The donor engine is coming out of a 99 impreza rs. Any help is appreciated. Looking for a quick reply
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Thanks for the reply. At this rate I'm looking into getting the entire car as a donor. Does the wiring differ between the two that vastly? Or are you saying that since it would be n/a to jdm



The wiring is different for even two of the same model cars built 6-12months apart (ask me how I know haha) If you are going to do a swap, find another 2.0 USDM/JDM motor and then use the intake and wiring from your original car. That will be a plug and play deal.

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Sounds good. Thanks for the advice. Do you know of any good websites for sourcing parts out?



Are you in North America or somewhere else? If you are in the states, there isn't much support for JDM stuff in regards to parts. The best option would be to befriend some people at a JDM importer to see if they can track down parts you need. Other then that, I'm not totally sure. But if you go with a USDM 2.0 bottom end and then use the JDM intake and wiring, the serviceable parts will be easy to find.

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We could use a bit more reference to help.


- Where are you located?

- '97 JDM Legacy w/an EJ20K - means it's turbocharged...and if stock it's likely the twin -turbo. The non-turbo / Non-Aspirated (N/A) engines won't have the necessary turbo-specific connections on the EJ20K.


- N/A has nothing to do with JDM. JDM (Japanese domestic market) means it's a car built for Japan (RH drive) that's been imported to the USA - if you're in the US. But as that car isn't 25 years old, it's not eligible to be imported to the USA.


(USDM = US domestic market - built for USA.)


- '99 Impreza RS had the Phase 2, SOHC EJ25 engine in the USA. It will NOT play well w/the '97 electronics - IF we're talking about a North American 2.5. And the intake manifold from the DOHC EJ20K won't fit.


I don't 'think' that JDM stuff went to the Phase 2 'til '00 or '02?


Even the JDM '97 wiring is different than the USDM '97 wiring...@ least @ the ECU/ECM.


Best option would seem to find another EJ20G or EJ20K to put in there. You could put your heads on a different block but that's another topic covered on line.

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