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Engine swap into a 97 jdm legacy


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Hey guys, need some help here. My big end bearing went this past weekend in my car. I've got a 97 legacy 5 speed with an ej20k in it. I was wondering if a north american 2.5l would bolt into my car no issue. The donor engine is coming out of a 99 impreza rs. Any help is appreciated. Looking for a quick reply
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There are definitely issues and hurdles to get over before the swap will be done. Probably will need the USDM ECU and the USDM wiring harnesses will need to be modified to plug into yours. The EJ255 is notorious for head gasket issues so I would be weary about getting a used one from a 99 RS.


If your question is "will it bolt on without issue?" and you are looking for a quick reply: No.

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