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EE Tested Removing Charcoal Intake Filter

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My 2012 2.5i Outback doesn't have a charcoal filter in the intake, but it seems like the PZEV versions of the cars do. I've been curious about the real world restriction that this sub-filter provided to those cars.


Engineering Explained tested removing it on his Crosstrek and saw a pretty significant (for NA) power increase of 4hp.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1JmOKKAgyQ]Do Charcoal Air Filters Rob Your Engine Of Horsepower? - YouTube[/ame]



Keep in mind that the car wont be road legal if you do this if you have the PZEV version, mine isn't so it didn't have it from the factory :).

05 LGT 16G 14psi 290whp/30mpg

12 OBP Stock 130whp/27mpg@87 Oct

00 G20t GT28r 10psi 250whp/36mpg

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