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Another P2096

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Another P2096 code....


I'm located in Seattle, and we had a bunch of snow fall recently. I'm not sure if that may be the reason the code is being thrown up (maybe some snow got in touch with the exhaust and threw off temps?). Any thoughts/feedback/etc would be greatly appreciated.


Went to Autozone and confirmed code P2096.

  1. Lean Air/Fuel Ratio-Low Fuel pressure
  2. Cylinder Misfire
  3. Plugged converter
  4. Failed post HO2S (Heated oxygen sensor)


Previously I had the P2096 code earlier and replaced the parts below in Sept 2018. No codes ever came back up until now...


AF Sensor - 22641AA42A

Center Pipe Gasket - 44011AG000

Front Pipe Gasket - 44022AA180

Center Pipe - 44612AA360


Does anyone know how many miles you need to drive for the computer to "recheck". I'd rather have it go away naturally then resetting by disconnecting the battery and having it come back.

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