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LKA (Lane Keep Assist) shutting off when reducing cruise control speed set

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2017 Legacy with EyeSight. Recently something has changed on my car.

If I have acc (adaptive speed control) on and lka (lane keep assist) on, lka shuts off when pressing the reduce speed switch (pressing down). Never when increasing speed setting. Doesn't do it every time but about 20-30%.

By shutting off, I mean lka shuts off, not the lines indicating lane edges go away. I physically have to turn lka back on. Push reduce speed switch again, lka off again.

It didn't used to do this and it is getting annoying. Does not appear speed related nor can I find any other pattern.

So, acc and lka are somehow linked (I know lka comes on and off at 37 mph).

Tried all kinds of experiments, even carefully cleaning the windshield. Messed with switches a little to see if there may be some physical interaction.

Anyone seen this before? I guess it could be the computer and some issue with its logic. Of course I'm out of warranty.

Thanks in advance.


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If the buttons work as described in some schematics the button are actually activating different resistances in the steering wheel that are connected to the ECU, so if you did get moisture in the steering wheel for some reason that might be the problem. Could be some foreign object in the switch as well.




But newer vehicles may have a LIN bus connection to the buttons instead and in that case it could have had a "brain fart" and send the wrong code so then it might be that you need a new button set.



Check that you really is out of warranty for that, since the lane keep assist might be a safety item. You may need to call SOA to verify that.



Try to locate a used steering wheel, even one that has had the air bag blown could work and transplant the buttons from it.

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