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Sunroof issue

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Sorry for starting a new sunroof thread, but I searched all existing threads and cannot find my specific issue.


I have a 2002 Legacy GT Limited and last year my sunroof started giving me problems. The tilt opens and closes fine. However, when I use the internal sliding open/close switch the sunroof opens fine, but then I can’t close it. When I actuate the switch to close the sunroof, 90% of the time nothing happens. No motor noise, no buzzing, and nothing to indicate it’s a debris blockage. I inspected it and the tracks are clean.


Last night I tried again. On one attempt it did close and worked normally, but after that I couldn’t get it to work at all and had to close it manually with the Allen wrench. Of course when this first happened I tried replacing the switch, but no change so I reinstalled the original switch to get back to diagnosis ground zero. I tried disconnecting the battery for five minutes. Zip.


Before going to a sunroof expert or the dealer, I’m wondering if anyone has has encountered this and/or have suggestions. Thanks for considering my issue.

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Thanks. I’m assuming power isn’t an issue since the motor seems to work fine and the roof opens normally when I hit the switch. No binding and not slow. Tilt open and close works too.


It’s like the switch is inoperable when I try to close it, and there’s no change after installing a new switch. But sometimes it does work and when it does it closes normally.

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