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Wiring Power Seats


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Hey all, I have a 97 OBW that I swapped 04ish seats into. The recipient car already had wiring for the seat heaters and that all works fine, but it doesn't have the wiring for the slider motors. Here is what the plug looks like:




If I just send power to it, will I blow something? I read something about wiring GMC power seats and it said something about using a 30A inline fuse... Read some more about WRX seats and somebody said you can tap the heater into the rear cigarette lighter circuit because it already has a 20A fuse inline... Someone else said something about a 10A fuse...


My question is this: All I want to do is send power to the plug in that photo (the plug for the seat motors), and not have the circuit fry. If I hook up a battery back to it, and when I eventually patch it into the car's wiring, what amperage fuse should I use?


Thanks in advance for any tips.

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