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If you like headlights bulb comparisons this thread is for you.

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I was looking for information about LED vs. HID, vs. Halogen. This thread has more good information than anything I have found online. I wish I had the time and all the gear this guy does to be able to do a study like this, enjoy!


Not in a Subaru but...



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While I don't really agree with the following statement, his explanation of different bulbs and how each react with the reflector and what you perceive as a driver is alll good info.


Stock bulbs leave a lot to be desired, but this poor performance is actually somewhat by design. Toyota and nearly all OEMs intentionally put poor performing halogen bulbs in your stock headlights. The obvious question to ask is why?! Low performing ‘standard’ or ‘long life’ bulbs last a very long time, but in doing so trade off for lower output. When you increase the output of a halogen bulb the life decreases.


OEM's could easily have designed a brighter bulb that lasts just as long. A good example is the 9011 bulb (HIR, which aren't really HIR anymore) brighter then a 9005 but still has the same lifetime and otherwise fundamentally the same as a 9005. A direct drop in with a small trim on the tab of the bulb.


OEMs don't intentionally put in crappy bulbs. The headlights are designed to fit within regulations. They might not be at the maximum of the regulations but I doubt they are far off.


Bulbs also must fit within an allowable range to be legal. So all high performance bulbs just insure they are as close as possible to the upper limit which means they are likely going to be brighter than a standard bulb.



Other then that opening statement and a few parts I wouldn't 100% agree with its a lot of good info.


I'm not sure why he never brought up regulations as that's usually a large factor in how or why something was designed.


But he did post a link in the 5th post to a Audi lighting video, similar to the one I posted in the hid thread. And according to him they are finally going to allow this new tech starting in 2019 in the USA. It will be nice when this becomes the norm. Too bad it likely will never be possible to retrofit.

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Have you seen "covertrussians" thread he just did this. See post 1363



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