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Looking for a Tmic from the CT, MA, or RI

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I purchased the Rev9 about a month ago. $211 with coupon on eBay. With it I purchased a Mr gasket 738G gasket for the turbo side and an AVO TB coupler hose. Under $300 for everything. For the $, I can’t complain. Install was about as easy as taking the OEM off, fitment was good (not perfect but good) and car is running great now after replacing the leaky OEM TMIC, and a massacred turbo inlet (by previous mechanic or owner) with a new OEM

Best part was my engine cover fit back on too with a slight trim where the front sits on the IC. My past 2 cars have had the Process west (one a regular top mount and the other the “verticooler” on my 15 Rex). They are some fine pieces. Will be getting one for the wagon in the next year or so.


Few pics of the Rev9 after install. Not a bad piece at all imo but I am only using as a factory replacement, not for performance. Who knows how it would do for tuning





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Yea don't have an extra grand laying around. I need my car back on the road so going with either the AVO or the Rev9.


Than the BulletProof Plan is the probably the way to go...


BarManBean came up with the idea of securing the plastic end-tanks with metal bars and metal zipties to hold the bars clamped down - which are proven to hold 20PSI in boost....


Was a great idea/product:wub: - but since they are hard to come by these days it's probably a DYI project....:cool:

LGT BulletProof TMIC Thread

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Just got my BPTMIC kit from eBay. I have yet to install it as I need a CV boot tool but it is coming very soon, along with a new inlet for the turbo. I don't have big plans to go stage two or beyond with this car so this kit is perfect.


FYI....they are very available...

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