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Lurker surfaces to post photo of shiny car

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Been trying a new wax in my hunt for something long lasting, provides decent shine, and easy to apply. This is with Turtle Wax Ice spray wax. It was actually really shiny still after hand washing, and provided decent beading and sheeting after a month in the elements and moderate driving. I decided to apply another coat and this came out. So far I think the stuff is unbeatable at $7 a bottle for a daily driver and am really impressed. I'm not sponsored just a dude trying out detailing stuff.


Car is visually mostly stock except for wheels that it came on and mud flaps I added. Didn't bother cleaning the wheels this time because they were immediately going to get dirty. Thinking about a dip for car and wheels, and possibly a big duckbill spoiler but you need money for that stuff.


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Looking Good!!


For longevity - I prefer a coating:

McKees37 Paint Coating

Carpro Cquartz UK V3.0


I've used both - LGT wearing McKees right now while my S4 has Carpro - Prefer Carpro for both look and protection so far - but the McKees is just fine.


If you don't want to spend as much - sealants are also popular but have less durability in length for instance Jescar Power Lock:

Jescar Power Lock

I also follow up with Hydro Blue during regular washes - it's truly spray on protection that lasts a few weeks to over a month+ depending on conditions:

McKees37 Hydro Blue


Not that the Turtle Wax is bad - but those are some alternate options that would better than most Off-The-Shelf store products....:cool:

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Thanks for the compliments guys! Cquartz is definitely next on the list but I'm a student so I couldn't justify the $60. I was looking at a guy on YouTube with a series where he tests sealants waxes and coating long term. Think his video is called 37 way ceramic coating test. Turtle wax ice is their synthetic stuff and for the price I couldn't find a better spray for $7. Never heard about the wheel stuff, will have to try it out. You guys are starting to convince me on the naked trunk idea...


Edit: bonus pic. Tacoma just got a shit ton of snow. I just got a new hood ornament!


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For longevity - I prefer a coating:

Carpro Cquartz UK V3.0



How difficult is it to do a proper application of the ceramic coatings for someone who normally just does a wash/wax with the occasional clay bar cleaning?

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