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Kids and Leather or Alcantara?

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I have leather and two sloppy kids with seats. I also tend to over do things so... I suggest a towel under the kid seat. It keeps them from rubbing into the leather or whatever material you have for a regular back seat.


The leather itself always seems to clean up pretty well.


Hope that helps,



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Leather, when I had the 07 Shrek seats I would lose small bits when someone spilled on it. When I traded them for LTD leather the leathers had kid and tire hauling marks that I was able to clean w/o ruining the leather. Only downfall is the drivers seat looks like crap from years of driver use; rest of the seats look time capsule new.



I also 2nd car seat covers when the kids are in. My Accord Sport is split black leather/cloth and when I have the kids they are covered. No kids the seats can breathe.

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Alcantara cleans up pretty well, the bigger issue I see here is the perforation and contour of the seats - as soon as your kids spill their milk in there it's gonna follow the path to the lowest point then stay there forever. Agree with your approach and the comments, put a good cover on it!

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I’ve also found the bottom of some of these car seats can permanently indent/ damage the leather depending on how the base is shaped. Since you need to crank the harness so much to secure it safely any sharp edges or protrusions can deform the seat over time. I used foam pipe noodles around the base of mine to keep this from happening
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Leather is kid friendly. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 8 year old dog. I regret getting spec b interior especially since it's been 2 months since I paid the guy. Worse experience ever in my 10+ years as a member on here.


But leather will be your friend

Then again scotchgard the Alcantara and it should be a breeze to clean


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