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P0011 and other things

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Hi folks.


My 2005 Legacy GT has a P0011 code that remains on the same side after swapping solenoids tonight. The banjo bolts at the solenoids do not have filters in them and the hard-to-get one on the drivers side head behind the timing cover was removed when the dealer did the timing belt 3 years ago. Both solenoids actuated when connected to a 9v battery.


So now that it isn’t solenoids my next logical cause is the banjo bolt on the back of the passenger side head, right? That bolt supplies the oil to the turbo and the OCV from what I can tell, right? What is the next step after the bolt filter? The variable cam mechanism itself?


It looks like it’s kind of a project to do the turbo bolt so I thought I might make it easier by removing the intercooler. With it off I can install the metal part to replace the blue T and install a silicone throttle body hose since then stock one seems to go bad on other peoples’ cars. I’m sure the TB could use a cleaning as well. Car has 105,000 miles on it. Timing belt and all parts were done around 60k when we bought the car along with spark plugs and valve cover gaskets.


Other than a turbo to intercooler o-ring and exhaust gaskets are there other gaskets I’ll need? What else should I think about doing while I’m digging around the area? PCV system service or replacement? What are some good upgrades/aftermarket options? Or just use factory pieces?


Car is stock with an access port v2 and stage1 (I guess) tune that is preprogrammed on them. Oil changes roughly at 5,000mile intervals with T6 and a NAPA filter since we bought it at 55k miles. Always clean oil, no reason to believe anything has been destroying itself slowly.


I know it’s a lot of question but any advice/help is appreciated.


Thank you,



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