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OBXT Crank Sensor Leak?

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Just looking for general advice. I've been monitoring it for a long while and engine oil level drops very slowly (~1qt per OCI) so I'm leaning towards it being engine oil.



What are some potential sources of an oil leak causing oil to leak which covers the top right (passenger side) of the engine (OBXT).




The fluid ends up covering the passenger side timing cover from almost the center and I'm finally getting a drop here and there on the header heat shield(that's bad) so I think it's time to fix this.



I have attached a couple of pictures of the visible area. The red outlined sensor does not appear to be the source as it is not surrounded by oil, but what is that sensor?



Are the crankshaft position sensors known to leak? Looking at the attached diagram and problem area I don't see another likely source, any other suggestions are appreciated.

4 Electrical Component Location 2.pdf



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The crank sensor is a good candidate IF it's engine oil. Leaks covering the timing cover are often power steering fluid. That amount of oil usage can be typical burning, without a leak.



The PSP O-ring doesn't seem to indicate oil seepage and I just replaced the pump ~10k miles ago. I'm kind of stumped otherwise...

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Maybe a power steering leak, if it's not the oil pressure sensor? I had multiple aftermarket pumps leak, somewhere at the bottom of the pump. When looking down at the pump, near the large bolt that holds it in the bracket, see if there's any fluid pooled below the pump. I believe it could eventually leak down towards the crank pulley area.
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