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Head Gasket

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I would never use any kind of stop leak,especially on a turbocar. Once you use it you ruin the whole system. Head-gasket is inevitable on this generation of engines. It would be cheaper to fix the head gasket than to ruin the engine.



But if you really need to drive the car you can add the subaru stuff and get by for a bit longer. Once the engine does go I would find a new one without stop leak in it lol

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Hijacking thread, so ill be replacing the head gaskets on my 03Legacy L SOHC.

Which brand do you recommend? Do i need new headstuds?

Anything else i should replace? other than the regular timing belt and what not


Currently has 110k mi

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I'd get the MLS subaru gaskets.


And consider the newer style black headbolts from subaru:



For the SOHC the part numbers would be:

Centre (11095AA170)

Corner (11095AA170)


As for the OP, the subaru coolant conditioner (aka stopleak) is the way to go for an external leak if you can't justify a headgaskets replacement.

Keep an eye on the coolant levels.

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+1 on the Subaru gaskets. Though Fel Pro, Cometic and Six Star are all good.

Get the turbo ones they're better.

You do not have to replace the head bolts. They are not TTY.

I don't know why Fel Pro puts this in their listing.

Nowhere does Subaru states you replace them.



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