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Of turbos and their sounds (or noise)

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Hi all, I recently got some work done on my intake manifold (fuel leak in one of the houses under the manifold). Before getting the work done I could only hear the turbo spooling (high pitched sound) from inside the cabin. I thought that was normal since the car is totally stock and does not come with flashy blow-off valves that give that classic turbo whistle.


After getting the car back yesterday, I immediately noticed a more pronounced turbo sound. I have been hearing a more "windy" sound from the turbos, similar to how jet engines sound when they wind up and inhale air... There is also a sound similar to that of a BOV when I upshift, even though JDM Legacy's are supposed to come with EGR valves..


So I guess my question is: to everyone who owns a turbo Legacy (USDM or JDM), what should I hear coming from my turbos? If it is completely stock, should I be hearing these sounds? Or should I take it back to the garage for them to recheck their work? :spin:

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Hearing the turbos maybe ok. If it is stock, it should be a little quieter. However if the car is driving fine and you have your full boost then enjoy your boosted vehicle. If you haven’t invest in a boost gauge to monitor your system.



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