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Heated steering wheel?

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I am looking into this. There are a whole host of problems associated with this and honestly, its probably not possible:


Easy pieces

1) the steering wheel circuit is self contained, aside from the connected fuse



Hard pieces

1) The steering wheel airbag is different (but is apparently plug and play)

2) The steering wheel buttons are radically different in all facets, you will need to know how to adjust the wiring to work correctly

3) The steering wheel has paddle shifters..not sure if it can be done with them disconnected, or even removed.


In truth. to do this you are looking at around $700 just in parts..if its even possible...

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even when it is -30f my steering wheel does not remain cold for long...and +1 to gloves


you can do it but you are going to need things like a clock spring in addition to the heated wheel assembly and you will most likely going to have to add to the wire harness

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the 17+ outback touring has a heated steering wheel - no idea if a retrofit is possible, though


Thats where my explanation came from. The outback, ascent, and foz all have the same wheel (which is different from ours). There is virtually no way to know unless someone grabs a cheap wheel and starts playing around.

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