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Bad Wobble

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Hello, I have a 2000 Legacy and it has developed a very bad wobble. Started down the road yesterday and it drove fine for a few miles and then the steering wheel started wobbling so bad that I had to use both hands just to keep it on the road. Went a few more miles and it just stopped and drove normal. Drove normal on the way back home. I'm nowhere close to being a mechanic so any help would be appreciated. Thought maybe it could be the CV Axles because the boots on both are trashed and grease leaked everywhere.
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Wobbles while driving can be annoying. Being a driveway mechanic who hears ALOT of ' it sounds like a squeaky hampster wheel' 'its a grinding noise' 'its shakes after 60', here is my educated guess without lifting it in the air.


And yes I'm aware I'm posting to a month old post.


Loose tie rod ends give a side to side wobble with a good deal of steering wheel play.


Loose ball joints cause a nasty wobble the faster you go. Not as much steering wheel play but some. Now this is known to be an issue only at certain speeds. I am leaning towards this.


Loose bearings cause a wobble usually accompanied by a nice humming noise, which will get louder and louder as you go.


To agree with RumbleRumble, I would do it all at once (while it's all off, might as well do the brakes).


A few other things can be control arm bushings, loose wheel studs (not the nuts but the studs). In my experience, CV axles make an interesting clicking noise, and then they just don't move. If it does, might sound something like twisting a pop bottle. By then, it's probably time to take a look at that there differential.

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