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Water under rear seat, 2003 wagon

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Spray the car with a hose and see if you can isolate where it is leaking. Does it collect water after driving or after sitting? Check trim seals for cracking.



Thanks guys. I cleaned up all the "water". Upon closer inspection, it may have been something oil-based. It was reddish-orange in color, but I assumed that was from all the redwood needles and dirt that's jammed in every crevice of this car.


Anyway, I cleaned it all out, and after two solid days of rain, no water is collecting there. The bummer is that the foam insulating mat under the rear seat was trashed, so I guess I'll be heading to the junkyard to find a replacement soon.


For now, I'll move on to the next thing - rear trailing arm bushings to get rid of the annoying squeak.

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