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What is the best navigation app for Android?


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Waze is owned by Google. Both are great but Waze is actively user supported and interactive. I been using Waze from the beginning before Google ownership and have their highest rating Royalty Wazer

That and $5.00 will get me a coffee.


Always load apps from the Google App Store for your own protection


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Laughing at Oneself and with Other is good for the Soul😆
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I read a comparison once where they had tested both google maps and Waze side by side. Thier conclusion was that Waze would do everything in its power to get you to your destination the quickest, meaning it might make you take a lot more turns.


Google on the other hand looks to sacrifice some time getting to your destination for the sake of making the route less complex and therefore having less turns.


Which they also concluded and which makes sense if what they saw was true of the behaviour of each, was that it didn't make much difference which app you used outside of the city. Which makes sense as there is less route options. If you drive in the city it looked like Waze will get you there a bit quicker at the expense of making more turns.


I haven't compared them and I'm comfortable with Google maps and I'm ok with a slightly longer but simpler trip. With the above info in mind I have them both installed and if I'm pressed for time in the city I'll use Waze, but that doesn't happen much atm.

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