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2019 - VF40 - Trusted CHRA retailer?

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Edit: DIY job done, see a few posts down for details.



Hey all,


To those who have rebuilt VF40s using CHRAs purchased online - who did you use and how'd it work out? Experiencing all symptoms of failure, and hoping to order a cartridge tonight.


I'll keep this post simple but can answer any questions if there are any. Added year to the title for search reasons. I get a lot of valuable info from these forums and will add pics of the rebuild to this thread later. Thanks!

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Thanks! I'll keep that info in mind. I'm a lifelong mechanic, I'll be doing it myself, just looking for a reliable/good/properly built and balanced CHRA assembly. I'll google Mellett when I get home, and maybe PM him for his .02



Edit- Ordered a Melett CHRA on ebay for $244 shipped (expedited/free). The same thing on their UK website converted to $266. Also ordered a Mahle gasket set GS33536 to go with. Messaged/texted JMP but he was unresponsive

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(not sure if this picture will show from google drive, if not I'll just leave the link)



Melett CHRA installed. It was straight forward, but did take time. Making marks to clock it was a step that could be skipped, the IC and UP flange should be pointing directly away from each other, and there is a very small roll pin to orient the turbine housing to CHRA. I used a light coat of copper RTV on the compressor housing where it bolts to the CHRA.



Once apart, I found the turbine inducer chopped up. That was the noise I suspected to be contact when I let off the throttle.



I used an air hammer to quickly brap the turbine housing off. It's semi-pressed onto the CHRA. You could use a MAP torch to heat it after taking the V band clamp off, then manually hammer it off. I used a wire wheel on a high speed drill to clean the turbine-to-chra mating surface.



I'm very impressed with the Melett CHRA, I ordered it from Turborebuild in the UK via their Ebay store. Came with all attached gaskets and copper rings, pre-startup oil inject syringe, fancy booklet with warranty info and FAQ's (where I found out most turbine housings are cracked and it's normal, and sure as shit mine was too). 1 week transit time from the UK to NH. I will definitely be ordering any more CHRA's from them in the future!



I'm an experienced mechanic and did this in a shop environment, but this is definitely something you could tackle over a weekend if your efficient and don't have too much beer :) Taking the turbo in and out was more of a PITA than actually rebuilding it. If anyone has any questions, I'll do my best to answer!



I also installed an IAG oil feed line kit with this. It was not straight forward, and felt like a cheap kit. I had to shave the block with an air cutoff tool to get the banjo connection to sit flush on the oil feed port. Side note, the AVCS feed pipe had to be cut into 4 pieces to fit out completely. It's holding up though, no leaks, but expect the car to sound off-timing and crank for a long time while oil pressure gets up to the cam solenoid. This kit is clearly not meant for the VF40 as I also had to cut one of the coolant pipe Torx bolt support brackets off all together for the braided line to clear, then come around to meet the feed at the top.



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