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Nut on top of alternator securing wire to fuse box caught fire

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Hi guys!

So I was tightening the alternator belt today and noticed the nut on top of the alternator in the picture is good and charred. The burnt nut connects a wire from the alt to the fuse box. Car runs great but every once in a while the abs light will come on while driving and the tachometer will go nuts. After this happens i need to drive the car around for a while before turning the car off or it won't start next time. I thought that could be because of the belt being loose. maybe it was and this is a different issue? thank you guys very much for any and all advice.


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It probably did that from having a poor connection. When the connection is bad and it tries to shove all the current through it heats up. That makes the connection worse, so then it heats up more.


Clean it up as suggested and if the copper part of the wire near the connector is OK, then you should be good.


The bad connection could also account for your other symptoms.

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