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Perrin rear sway bar bracket reinforcements


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Hey all,


Question for those of you that have been in the Legacies longer than me. Recently tracked down and bought a discontinued 22mm Hotchkis rear sway bar. I asked offhand if the seller (SubieRecycler.com, awesome place) happened to have an AVO reinforcement bracket set as well. Turned out that they had a pair of Perrin brackets and wanted peanuts for them, so I picked those up as well.


Question is, can anyone who remembers these speak to whether they're sufficient, or recall anyone having problems with them? They're a bit thinner than the AVO brackets I had on my old wagon. I've found some discussions of people doubling up both AVO and Perrins, and quite a few for sale threads, but no comprehensive reviews or reports of issues.


Any input would be appreciated!

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I have been making rear brackets for years. I had the AVO and don't like them for several reasons. CKE SSP brackets are similar to the CUSCO that are no longer produced and I would argue the design I use is both superior and lighter.


But I am biased toward the stuff I fabricate.

CKE SSP product information and sales : chris.ckessp@gmail.com
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Running the Perrin rear sway brackets on my track car they’ve been on since install in 2007 and obviously have been pushed hard in the last 12 years :) they sure don’t look pretty now but they are holding up fine
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