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P0365 and P0366 caused for overfilling the crankcase?

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Hello All. Well the local dealer did an oil change on 12/16 and I got codes P0365 and P0366 the next day (12/17) on my way to work. 12/17, Took the car back and they found, according to them, the oil was overfilled by "1 quart". They redid the oil change and cleared the code and I was on my way. Drive for several weeks, no issues. Then on 1/4 I get the check engine light disco show and same codes. So I make an Apt to get it checked out on 1/7, and the Check Engine light goes out on 1/5 and stayed out. So I canceled my Apt. Today (1/9) the Check Engine light reappears. I guess my question is, did overfilling my the crank case damage the sensor or is it just coincidental timing? I can perform the work myself to fix it but if the dealers error damaged it then I'd rather they fix it.


FYI, P0365 and P0366 are for Exhaust cam sensor circuit and range/performance, Bank 1.

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I might just see if someone has a switch and change it out. There under $100 online so probably pay that at a dealer for one if they have it. It is only a code for Bank 1, you'd think Bank 2 would probably fail too, maybe that's for next week....
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Well, I R&R'd the sensor last Saturday. That was easy, passenger side, pulled the air box, 10mm wrench and it was out. The fun was getting the bolt back in, it enters at about a2 o'clock angle. Between my big hand and the frame rail I managed to get it back in and serviced the air filter to boot (what a poor design to service that is)...... 1 week and no Disco Dash lights.
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