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Classic Vehicle Plates

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Now that it's 2019, all of the 2nd gen Legacies are officially 20+ model years old, and qualify for Classic Vehicle plates in some US states. Post here if you have Classic plates on your old Legacy, or are interested in getting them.




Model Year: 1997

Submodel: Outback Touring Wagon

Exterior Mods: None, stock ride height

Classic Plates? Had them in CT but moved to ME where the car needs to be 25+ model years old.

Experience: The people at the DMV are not cool in CT. Middle management is all yuppies with very narrow worldviews. They're the type that think any car older than 5 years that isn't like a Mustang or Corvette is just some old beater. The CT General Statutes specifically say that any car older than 20 years qualifies for Classic plates and can only be taxed at value of like $25 or something. That law is super vague in CT, not like in other states where they limit your mileage if you have Classic plates. After some convincing, they finally let me fill out the paperwork, and I got off-the-shelf Classic plates for my OBW. With the new class registration, my annual vehicle tax for that car went down from around $85 to around $10. Fast forward a year or two and I'm in Maine now, where the law says the car has to be 25+ years old, plus they limit your mileage, and the car has to be a restoration piece and not a customized vehicle.

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