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2012 Premium OEM radio change... FM antenna angst

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Hi All,


Long-time lurker, first time post. I recently got the "brilliant" idea to gift my wife a Kenwood DMX7705s for Christmas. Several hours later, I was on the last touches and realized that the FM wiring is a two-prong, fixed-clip nonstandard dumpster fire. Crutchfield botched the adapters config, and after another 15 bucks with Metra, I am now the proud owner of not just a 40sb-10, but a 40sb-20 - neither of which pair to actually fix my problem.


Anyone have any experience with either the 40sb-30 or any cabling solution that will get my Legacy to play nice with a standard FM antenna plug on most aftermarket radios?


Thanks in advance,



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Thanks YeuEmMailMai! I finally unraveled that last week with Crutchfield Tech Support and got everything finished late last night. Apparently Subaru has a history of doing this... but Crutchfield threw in the 40ni-30 for free since it was their miss.


(Otherwise, I'm pretty content - a little bit of unrelated frustration with the DMX's FW, as it seems to require a USB connection for Android Auto, but I'm guessing that's a FW issue, or the bluetooth versioning.)

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