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Hood swap for a 1995 subaru legacy wagon L

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Got a hood for my 97 OBW from the junkyard after mine flew up and smashed my windshield when the latch failed. The only decent Outback hood they had was all scratched up from someone putting their toolbox on it, and then somebody had keyed "LET US USE A JACK" in big letters along the front of the hood. It was this or no hood. After driving around with that on my car for a month or two, went back to the same junkyard for a radiator and wound up finding a decent Outback hood with just one small dent on it. Luckily the folks remembered me and they let me just take the second hood for free. So I think what I'll end up doing is resurfacing the keyed one now that it's a spare.


Just wanted to share that story, but I do have a question about hood compatibility. I found a sweet CF hood for the 2nd gen Legacy sedan, would it fit on my wagon too?


Also, OP, if you're slick with a welder you could just cut out the hood scoop from a different model and weld it onto your hood. The 2nd gen hoods have non-functional scoops, so there's really no point other than looks. Frankly I prefer to keep my exterior looking completely stock but that's just me.

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