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Front end clunk noise

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Video was taken while parked and just playing with the steering wheel. Noise can be heard at about 3 seconds and 8-10 seconds.


My car has 130,000 miles. I put Koni Yellows in at about 115,000 miles but I didn't change the top hats when I did it. I put new control arms in recently too.


I took it to two mechanics who think it's either the top hat or that the strut itself might be causing the noise. Just kind of hard for me in my current location because I haven't found a shop that's worked with the Koni Yellows before. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions on how to find out whats making the noise?

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I'm not sure if this could be your problem, but doesn't hurt to throw it out there.. *I don't have koni yellows, but I think this might still apply.


I accidentally installed one of the conical washers upside down (F in the link below) when replacing my front two struts years ago. As a result, I think the spring was winding up, and then there'd be a loud popping sound when it would release.



In the video below, I think my front two wheels are jacked up, and I'm turning the wheel from side to side. Maybe try the same if you have extra time someday?


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Any shop should be able to remove the strut and replace the top hat. It doesn't matter what brand the insert is.


If you need, print the directions from the how too, and give the shop the directions.


They are not replacing the koni just the OEM top hat.

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