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Help with live data reading

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Just bought a bluedriver for my 05 lgt (manual) and curious about the live data readings. I'm pretty new to the Subaru world and want to make sure I maintain this car the best I can. Would anyone be interested in looking at the data and see if there is anything I should be concerned about? Or be willing to give me a few tips on what to look for. http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5c32bbedcb9c6/1546709008554_1546709005770_0_VehicleInfo-Jan_05_2019_12-21-17-PM.pdf


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I'm not super familiar with that particular module, but it looks like your typical OBDII scan tool with Mode $06 capability. I started with one as well, but quickly learned that it wouldn't show a lot of the data that can be read via Subaru's proprietary protocol, Subaru Select Monitor (SSM). I honestly don't know the full list of live data that can be read with OBDII on a Subaru, so I'll leave any discussion on that end to those that know more.


If you'd like to access SSM data, there's a few ways to do it. For software, your simplest options are the BtSSM app which can be run on your Android device, or RomRaider Logger which can be run on your PC.


A good summary of viable adapters is given on the BtSSM website: https://www.btssm.com/?page=hardware


By far the cheapest option is the K-Line cable, which is what I started with. These can be a bit tricky to get working, but should work for your car. Some extra info below:




Personally, I use the BtSSM bluetooth adapter for the convenience of logging and monitoring via an Android device.


Regarding data to monitor:


The first step in assessing where you're at is to pull a Learning View using either of the softwares and one of the adapters above, which will tell you whether the car has learned any long term fueling or ignition timing adjustments in response to a potential issue. Note that the long term fuel trims given in the learning view will fluctuate over time, and values between ~ +/- 8% is considered normal by most. I do recall reading that fuel trims are available in OBDII Mode $06, but can't confirm firsthand.


Given my paranoia owning high mileage turbo Subarus, I tend to keep an eye on boost error, long term fuel trims, feedback knock control (FBKC or FKC), fine learned knock control (FLKC), and the ignition advance multiplier (IAM) values in real time. This has saved me from likely blowing up a motor twice to date.


The above are the proverbial canaries which will tip you off to trouble, and allow you to dig deeper (at least in my book).


Boost error is a sanity check as to whether your car is grossly under or overboosting under load. Fuel trims can be indicative of a boost/vacuum leak, or a sensor malfunction. FBKC, FLKC, and IAM are indicators that your car is detonating and pulling timing in response. There's good reading on all these subjects on the Romraider forums if you have the time to spare.


There are other datastreams available via SSM which can be useful in diagnostics work, but the above are what I tend to watch. I'm sure I've left something out, and someone will likely chime in with more useful info.


Good luck!

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