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New year, new build...v.3.0...R?

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Thanks, but don't look too close. The pics hide the 130,000 miles of daily driving this car did :lol:. Body and paint is the next big project.


Very nice mate. What smaller turbo would you be looking into you reckon?


Looking at a Xona Rotor 8264S. Smaller compressor and turbine than what I have now plus the new UHF turbine. Should pick up quite a bit of spool and keep the same top end I have now.

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^My wagon is hovering right at that mileage. When I walk up, all I see is dings n dents. But when I’m at the wash, I get compliments. It is what it is, a 15ish year old Subaru. Wears its scars well. And btw, my engine bay will never come close to your creation. Hats off.
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A great project! I love its wheels! What tires are you using for your Subaru?


Thanks! Tires are Federal 595RS-RRs.


Car looks great!


Thanks! Been a lot of work.


Update: New turbo is ordered. It's on a 6-8 week lead time. Should be a better fit for 600-700 whp. Also got it with a speed sensor. The Haltech still has a few inputs I need to use up :lol:.

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New turbo is on.  64mm compressor and 64mm turbine down from 68 and 67.  Also has their UHF turbine that's supposed to decrease spool and increase flow.  Spools 500 RPM sooner and still pulls hard to 7500 RPM.  Just what I wanted.  Have a few other things I want to do and then I want to get it on the dyno.

And some pics, of course.








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