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Rear window driver's control not working


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Recently, I haven't been able to roll down my right rear window, from my driver's side window controls. I thought the issue was with the window itself, and the motor. I just tried to use it from the window button on the door itself and it worked just fine. My Drivers side won't work.


Is this a switch issue? Is it easy to replace, aside from taking the door apart? Or is it more complicated and I have to figure out the wiring to the window controls? I'm hoping it's a simple switch that wore out and is easy to replace.


Anyone ever have this issue as well?

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Lower the window using the button in the backseat and once the window is down, keep holding the button for 5 seconds. Then pull up on the button and hold for 5 seconds after the window closes. That was the fix for my drivers controls not working after installing a new battery- might work for this too.



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