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2012 2.5i flywheel replacement

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i have a 2012 Legacy 2.5i 6mt, and the throw out bearing went out. Mechanic said it also needs a flywheel. So i started looking and the OEM flywheel is $300, but the part number is the same as the GT's. So i looked on the Exedy website they dont show a OEM replacement for the 2.5i but they have one for the GT. Will this work for me?
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Rockauto shows the same parts for the 2.5i and 2.5GT (AMS AUTOMOTIVE 167806 and LUK LFW448) but for the GT, also lists EXEDY FF502A Lightweight Racing Flywheel


since the Subaru part number (12342AA090) is the same for both cars, I think you are good going with the Exedy

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