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Please Help Identify This Mystery Wire!

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Greetings everyone and a Happy New Year to all!


I'm connecting everything back up from an EJ25 engine swap into a 2003 Legacy L Wagon that I just picked up. Everything has a home...except for one wire that I need your help in identifying.

This wire comes off the main harness which is attached to the back wall of the engine. Underneath the sheathing, it is a single white wire with a blue stripe and looks to be about a 14 ga wire. The other clue is that the connector in the picture was gunked in grime which suggests to me that it wasn't being used for anything. Am I correct? I hope that someone can run out to their 3rd Gen and take a look to conform for me.


While I'm here...is there anything else that I need to watch out for prior to thinking I'm done? The manifold I was able to take of the damaged Legacy engine and everything else appears to bolt/connect up.


Thanks in advance,



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looks like the connector for the washer pump for the rear window. Goes by the washer fluid bottle.


If not check the brake master/reservoir it also has a connector that should be plugged in for the low brake fluid light.

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You're close Rumble in that it exits the harness at the same point the brake MC connector exits, but it's not that. Same with the washer bottle connectors. Plus all of those are 2 terminal connectors but the one I'm questioning is a single wire with a single female blade connector.
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