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Fuel pump trouble? OBXT

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Hey there! New member and first post, so everyone's patience is much appreciated! I have been looking on the forum here for some time now trying to find some guidance to a few quirky issues I seem to be having with my 2008 Outback XT. A little background, I bought the car used about a year ago with about 117,000 miles on the clock, and the 120k service was done just before the previous owner traded it for a 2018 Outback with the 6 cyl. The car is bone stock asside from axle back exhaust that I added around the 119k mark, and we just crossed the 125k milestone. It came with decent maintenance records, looked and drove like it was well taken care of. For the most part it has been a good car, but I can't shake the feeling that there are some issues that will need taken care of sooner than later. First and foremost I think there is a possable fuel pump issue, but I can't seem to track down any hard evidence, so wanted to get others opinions before I go replacing the pump. Finally, here is what is going. When the fuel level drops down to around 1/4 tank, the engine acts like it's not getting enough fuel, but usually wont stall completely but has before at idle. Once driving the acceleration is also affected. When accelelerating the car doesn't gain speed as smoothly as usual. It doesn't stall, but there are definitely some flat spots. Filling up usually fixed these problems, and the car takes on about 11 of the 17 gallon capacity. The other issue is under WOT. Let's say from a stop, the skinny pedal is pushed to the rug, we certainly take off strong and pull nicely, but again there are some flat spots like the engine is looking for more fuel. If there is more then the magic 1/4 tank mark, this is the only time that any other issues show up. The last time I filled up I poured a can of BG 44K in to see if I could get any improvement. It very well could be a little placebo effect, but it does seem to idle better with improved throttle response. It seems to me as though the fuel pump is suspect (or more specifically the filter), but wanted to tap into the wealth of info available from y'all.



I think I included all the needed Intel, but if I did forget anything I will be sure to add it as needed!


Thanks everyone!

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