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Steering goes light in 2019 Legacy Premium


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I wonder if you can help me please? We purchased a 2019 Legacy Premium for my wife and collected it just 2 days ago. We love the car, however both of us have experienced some very unusual behavior. On a dry road, taking a gentle turn, the steering suddenly goes light. The closest description I can find is that it feels like the car hit a patch of ice. Note that the car does NOT slip or slide, however the steering feels like the front wheels have lost all traction.


Prior to the Legacy, we had a 2016 Impreza, so we are familiar with AWD and with Subarus. But we have never experienced anything like this before. Before I bring it back to the dealer, I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this, or if this is a known behavior.


Thank you to anyone that can offer your thoughts or experience.



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Hi Notarat and Coldsoda,

Thank you both for your help. I apologize for not replying sooner. I believe that you are both correct - I think it is related to the lane assist. My wife has been using the car all week, and comes home every evening complaining about how this assist makes the car feel as if it has lost traction. I will take it out myself tomorrow and do some testing on it. But from what she says, it sounds like it is kicking in even if she hasn't crossed any road markings. I need to do some research to see if there is a way that I can turn it off by default - it sounds like it is currently enabled by default. I will update this thread when I have some more information. Thank you both again for your help.



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you can hit the bottom right button on the steering wheel any time to turn the lane keep assist off/on. It does react before crossing the lines, as it intends to keep you in the lane. Its only annoyed me once on a curvy road, otherwise I don't notice it much.
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