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1998 Legacy GT L new KYB GR-2's don't fit in front

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We recently bought a 98 Legacy and it needs a lot of work to be roadworthy. The old struts, for example, were completely blown. So I ordered a whole lot of parts, in particular for relevance to this topic, some new struts from KYB. Started out with the front left strut, and while I got the new strut assembled adequately, it doesn't seem to fit properly.


These new struts seem to sit a bit higher up, just according to my old laser eyeball, but the big issue is while I can slide in the bottom bolt okay, if I try to bring the hub up to put in the top bolt, it shoves the driveshaft into the transmission where it bottoms out, and I still can't get the bolt lined up. Is there something I'm missing here? I've added some links to pictures of my car to hopefully provide some context.


I thought the top hat was eccentric, so I tried all 3 orientations of it in the upper mount and didn't see much difference.








(You can kinda see how squished the driveshaft boot is, this was with me pulling up the hub to try and line it up)



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