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2015 legacy Bad main fuse similar to weak battery symptoms

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Hello all, I wanted to post about a problem that left my wife stranded in the Walmart parking lot. I will post the abridged problem and solution then go into details.


Car wouldn’t start, jump starting did nothing. Battery replacement did not help.

The main fuse in the under hood fuse box was blown. Replaced fuse car works normally now.



The details to those that are interested, I didn’t find anything on the forum web or YouTube that helped me diagnose.



Wife parked at Walmart to pick up groceries. Sat there listening to radio waiting for them to bring order out. Popped trunk, put down windo to sign. Went to restart and nothing. Also radio hvac locks and windows didn’t work. First inclination was bad battery since I didn’t know what all wasn’t working. She tried a battery booster that didn’t work. Neither did jumping the car from a running vehicle. Since I was at Walmart I replaced the battery since this one was 4 years old and figured it was worth a shot.


Got the vehicle towed home. I had to find out how to get the car in neutral to be towed. It is a detent in front of shifter under mat that you use a screwdriver to push straight down similar to picking a lock on a bedroom door.


Once at home I tried my other key fob, and looked for any obvious electrical woes. Got the multimeter out and I find the main fuse blown. It is a specialty fuse that you cannot find anywhere locally and I called 5 Subaru dealers none of which had Instock.


It is a bolt on fuse similar to a mega fuse you may be familiar with. It is a MIDI 125 amp stud mount or bolt on type. I ordered from dealer $10 each. I also found on amazon for $8 for two. Slightly different but I think will work. If you search amazon for MIDI 125 amp fuse and Subaru part number



I had two days of downtime waiting on this simple part. For $10 you all may want to order one and keep a 8mm open wrench and 10mm wrench in glove box with a spare fuse to save yourself the grief, tow job, and trouble shooting. I will try to add a picture of fuse.


Since my car is out of warranty I feared a trip to dealer was in my future. I was thankful I was able to determine problem and fix so cheaply and easily after getting the part. I wonder if the dealer would have “found” an more expensive problem other than a $10 fuse. Maybe a computer?https://parts.gillmansubarunorth.com/p/Subaru__Impreza/FUSE-MAIN-L1-TYPE-125A/65484303/82211AL12A.html


My last comment is I wonder what caused the fuse to blow. It wasn’t overloaded on accessories. My guess is just random part failure. I guess time will tell. Hopefully this will help someone as I didn’t come up with anything when I searched my problem. I keep 3 spares and the two cheap wrenches tapped together in glove box. It’s a 10 min job if that. I’d say if your car won’t start and you have good battery and notice the navigation radio hvac and locks don’t work this could be your problem. Good luck!

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Most vehicles have a main or mega fuse at some location or another.

What makes this one different is it wasn’t available anywhere locally. Parts stores done carry and Subaru dealers around me (5 of them near Pittsburgh and Morgantown wv) didn’t have them in stock. That’s most of the reason why I posted this info. I recommend ordering one for a spare. It may save you from being stranded.


I suppose I could have rigged something up with a circuit breaker temporarily. But to me it wasn’t worth risking frying something.

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I did some poking around, grabbed a few pics, and put it into a pdf for easy sharing.


Thanks for the good info Rockwvu.

Can you confirm that I'm referencing the correct fuse you are speaking of?


That’s exactly the fuse that OP is talking about.

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