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Spark plugs question.....

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Hi, i own a 1st gen Legacy gx 2,2. As recomended on manual it uses NGK BKR6E-11 plugs....i have four new NGK´s but they are BKR5E-11 one point warmer.....can i use them in my car or will be bad ??? thanks in advance !!
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Use the correct temperature value for your car, the warmer plugs will wear out faster and might also cause pre-detonation/knocking if they get too hot.



The thread length/diameter, socket size (too large is usually bad since you may not be able to fit socket between plug and cylinder head, smaller is no big deal except that you will piss off next person trying to change spark plugs) and heat index number are the main factors to consider for spark plugs. In some engines the intrusion into the cylinder is also a problem so that a projected insulator must not be used.


Gap can be adjusted on most plugs if you are careful, just make sure you adjust it to the proper gap for your engine.





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